Is this LEGAL?!
To date I've bought Star Wars on VHS 3 times, Laserdisc twice, and DVD once. When you buy these movies, you can do anything you want with/to them. You can use them as frisbees, or you can capture them into your computer and take Boba-freaking-Fett the f#@* out of Star Wars.

What you CAN'T do, is sell such altered versions (bootlegging) or exhibit them commercially.

So are you going to sell these when you're done?
Look, I said, "No!" and I meant it. I do not particularly want George Lucas' entire legal team putting a galactic-sized smackdown on my ass. This website is a veritable "How-To" and it's free, so buy the stuff and do it yourself.
But I HATE George Lucas; I don't want to give him any more money.
Well, I don't know what to tell you... I don't hate George Lucas, I just hate what he's done to these movies. I got tired of bitching about it on message boards, so I decided to do something about it. All I want is one day to be able to put in my restored DVD, turn off the lights, grab the popcorn, and go home again. Simple. Savvy? Cool.
What about the screencaps? Aren't those illegal?
Well, alright... you've got me there. You're not supposed to post screencaps, and I'm only hoping Lucasfilm grants me the same slide on this that they've granted millions of other people. May the force be with me.
Ur a stoopid looser Gorge Lucas CREATED these flms he cAn do watEVr he wants!!! fanboy faggit!!
Thanks for playing.
Are you taking everything out? Everything SE, I mean? What about things like Darth Vader's missing red saber glow?
I plan elminating everything that changes the drama, ruins the suspension of disbelief, or alters the characters.

Things like Darth Vader's missing saber glow were simply production missteps, and are not crucial to the drama. Ditto with the "garbage mattes" seen around various ships, or the off-color blobs seen below the landspeeder. I have no problem seeing them fixed.

Well, you could say that Han shooting first was just a "production mistake," like not putting Jabba in the movie. Where do you draw the line?  Seems like a very difficult distinction to make.
I agree.  And if you'll forgive me, I think it takes a person with 1) an artistic sensibility and understanding of drama and 2) a master of the Star Wars aesthetic. I like to think I have both of those qualities.

I believe the difference between the utter obliteration of Han Solo's scoundrel/redemption character arc with the "Greedo shoots first" edit is very different from a cleaned-up garbage matte that only showed up because of transfer anomalies over the years, and didn't appear in theaters in '77.  More on my philosophy of artistic responsibility here.

Is there a list of what you're going to change and what you're going to keep?
That's what the website's for... it's a chronicling of my progress. I'm making it up as I go.
Well, I don't like your choices. I think you should take out the Vader saber glow, but I like where the stormtrooper says, "Close the blast door!" That's the funniest thing in the history of movies.
This restoration is for me - the way I'd like to see Star Wars. You're free to do your own! But I sincerely appreciate input from other fans... sometimes hearing other people's opinions helps me make some of the difficult decisions...
There's too much writing on this page, so I just skimmed it ...can I buy one?
If you can't take the time to read these stupid FAQ's that I spent all afternoon typing, then you certainly don't deserve the greatest OT restoration in the history of the universe, now do you?

Anyway, no.