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This website will chronicle step-by-step the process I am using to create my own personal restoration of the original Star Wars Trilogy. However, while I'm sympathetic to the frustrations of like-minded fans, this website neither practices nor endorses bootleg DVD piracy.  The effort detailed herein is simply a documenting of what I believe is the most exhaustive restoration attempted to date, of the most significant motion picture in history.

Enjoy the show.


Restoration work is being done primarily on dual-proc Pentium IV 2.2gHz Dell workstations, each with 2 Gigs of RAM.  All workstations and render clients are tied via a gigabit Ethernet connection to a Linux-based central file server, supporting a 2 terrabyte triple-redundant drive array. Workstation monitors are exclusively LaCie “electron blue” series (19” and 22”), all professionally calibrated with Sencore Color Analyzers by accredited members of the Imaging Science Foundation.  Sony 13” and 20” professional reference monitors are similarly calibrated, as is one 60” Sony consumer television. 2 32” Sony consumer televisions and one 32” JVC consumer television are not calibrated, and are used for referencing the typically overly-bright, destructively over-sharpened consumer viewing experience.  (Please see www.videoessentials.com).

The digital audio stream is decoded by a Dolby Digital 562 Professional decoder, imported directly into a Pro Tools audio workstation for editing.

Most of the color timing and image manipulation is being performed using Adobe After Effects software, heavily customized with proprietary plug-ins, although Synthetic Aperture’s Color Finesse plug-in is playing a significant part of the color-timing role.

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All images (c) Lucasfilm, Ltd. Used without permission. This site neither practices, nor endorses bootleg DVD piracy. The project described herein is done soley for private, personal enjoyment, without the intention of public exhibition or distribution in any form.