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  1. zxthehedgehog
    Regularly growing more and more hopeful about the film's situation.
  2. zxthehedgehog
    Waiting for Mike Verta to give an update, and hoping for the best.
  3. Darth Lucas
    Darth Lucas
    Hoping the relative silence as of late means good news.
  4. michaeldc
    Hoping they use Legacy if the recent rumours are true...
  5. KyloGirl_N
    Hello guys, newbie here and ready for the adventure! :)
  6. Chewtobacca
    Chewtobacca TV'S Frink
    I don't believe you're the real TV's Frink. The real TV's Frink would never have a capital "s" in his username. Impostor!
  7. Ovark
    Ovark NeverarGreat
    I found it, Nevermind . ..
  8. Ovark
    Ovark NeverarGreat
    How do I get the password?
  9. whatawookie
    whatawookie mverta

    Do you have any new progress to show?

  10. whatawookie
    whatawookie mverta
    Is it possible to see some screencasts/movies etc?
  11. Harmy
    Harmy mverta
    Ooops, sorry, I thought this was a way to send a PM but I see it may not be private...